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Welcome to the Little Miss & Teen Miss North Carolina website! This website and its’ many online tools will help you stay up to date on all aspects of this prestigious opportunity. We hope that you will take the time to meet our state directors, learn about upcoming pageants in your area, view our outstanding royalty and even consider becoming part of our team as a local director for Little Miss & Teen Miss North Carolina, LLC. You may also download your own paperwork and entry forms for the Little Miss & Teen Miss North Carolina State Pageant!


As we approach the celebration of the 34th Annual Little Miss & Teen Miss North Carolina State Pageant in 2020; we invite you to pay a visit to the Hall of Fame. This page will have photographs from many of the young ladies who have carried on a long-time tradition of representing the great state of North Carolina.


Their excellent service to this system and to this wonderful state are the inspiration our directors are using to give Little Miss & Teen Miss North Carolina a fresh start! Young ladies from Murphy to Manteo will once again have the opportunity to further their experience, education, and dedication to our fine state by competing for the opportunity to be part of the Little Miss & Teen Miss North Carolina royalty.

2020-2021 Little Miss & Teen Miss North Carolina State Royalty


Baby Doll Miss North Carolina -  Blake Green
Toddler Miss North Carolina -   Hadley Brown
Miniature Miss North Carolina -  Mila Brussi
Tiny Miss North Carolina -  Saylor-Claire Herring
Little Miss North Carolina -  Sophie Horton
Junior Miss North Carolina -  Madelyn Herring
Young Miss North Carolina -  Carlie Brooke Wade
Teen Miss North Carolina -  Haley Crowe

North Carolina People Choice - Ivy Cone
North Carolina Directors Choice - Emerie Payne
North Carolina Ambassador - Roxanne Clark
North Carolina Overall Most Beautiful- Elise Moore
North Carolina Novice Supreme - Kairi Duncan
Regal Miss North Carolina - Ava Socarras
North Carolina Grand Talent - Abigail Tinsley

Miniature Majestic North Carolina -  Elliot Horton
Grand Majestic North Carolina - Taylor Culver

Royal Miss North Carolina - Summer Alexis Welch
North Carolina Miss - Tara Lynne Schiphof